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Our bouquets


Original price was: 1,326.00 Dhs.Current price is: 975.00 Dhs.


Original price was: 3,005.50 Dhs.Current price is: 1,977.30 Dhs.


Original price was: 1,638.00 Dhs.Current price is: 1,170.00 Dhs.

Je t’aime

Original price was: 3,255.96 Dhs.Current price is: 2,427.69 Dhs.


Original price was: 1,926.60 Dhs.Current price is: 1,352.00 Dhs.


Original price was: 750.00 Dhs.Current price is: 680.00 Dhs.

Chic & refined

Original price was: 1,622.40 Dhs.Current price is: 1,014.00 Dhs.

Life in pink

Original price was: 2,504.58 Dhs.Current price is: 1,647.75 Dhs.

My jewel

Original price was: 2,129.40 Dhs.Current price is: 1,521.00 Dhs.

Blanco & rosa

Original price was: 1,404.00 Dhs.Current price is: 975.00 Dhs.

Only you

Original price was: 1,326.00 Dhs.Current price is: 910.00 Dhs.

You and me

Original price was: 1,926.60 Dhs.Current price is: 1,352.00 Dhs.

Love 4 ever

Original price was: 2,129.40 Dhs.Current price is: 1,605.50 Dhs.


Original price was: 1,872.00 Dhs.Current price is: 1,235.00 Dhs.


Original price was: 2,768.22 Dhs.Current price is: 1,977.30 Dhs.

Our special chocolate



Do you want to offer flowers? Send, receive, have a bouquet of flowers delivered to your home? Ereka Fleuriste.com fulfills all your flower desires!

Flowers to wish her or him a happy birthday, wedding flowers for the happiness of the newlyweds, birth flowers to fill the mom, flowers of love or friendship to share your feelings, flowers of mourning for sincere condolences , flowers to say thank you or flowers to congratulate,… all flowers, for all moments of life, are available on erekafleuriste.com!

Our wedding bouquets

Discover our new collection of wedding bouquets

Fast flower delivery 6/7

Home delivery service in Marrakech
Our bouquets are designed by an artisan florist partner close to the place of delivery. He is the one who takes care of the delivery of flowers to your home.

At Ereka Fleuriste, our professional and courteous staff is committed to creating beautiful floral arrangements and gifts for all occasions.

As a trusted local florist, we offer home delivery through our network of reliable florists. Our flower shop also offers convenient same day floral delivery for all of your last minute gift needs.

Send flowers for big and small occasions. Take advantage of a diverse offer of bouquets of flowers to delight the people you love most:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Flowers for wedding
  • Mourning flowers
  • Mothers’ Day
  • Flowers for Valentine’s Day…
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