Ballotin 1 kg

780.00 د.م.
1 kg of assorted chocolate

Ballotin 250gr

225.00 د.م.
This box contains 21 assorted chocolates from a selection of the best recipes.

Boite juliette 400 gr

450.00 د.م.
Square juliet box 400gr

Boite T1 170gr

225.00 د.م.
Boite graphique T1 170gr

Bouquet de chocolat 450 gr

560.00 د.م.
Bouquet de chocolat 450 gr

Convive dégustation

285.00 د.م.
Assortment of 200gr of chocolate in a round cup

Coupe base cuivre

1,062.00 د.م.

Assortment of 400gr of chocolate in a copper-based cup.

Vase en verre 500gr

780.00 د.م.
Vase en verre ombre bande dorée

Vase photophore

270.00 د.م.

Assortment of 150gr of chocolate in a frosted glass tealight vase.