Bouquet of red roses, elegant and sophisticated, for a dare to show your pure and strong love with flowers, so that lovers who respect the tradition of Valentine’s Day will definitely want to choose a bouquet of flowers for their loved one.

Chic & refined

550.00 DHS
Refined and special composition to show that your love is infinite…


650.00 DHS
Twenty red roses & gypsophila to express the true nature of your feelings

Je t’aime

650.00 DHS

I love you, for a nice message of love, a magnificent composition that could convey your most passionate emotions. They include red roses in the shape of a heart beautifully surrounded by a white ribbon, all in a small basket with garnish.

Lady in red

350.00 DHS
A vase with an armful of 6 beautiful red roses with large buds and leaves (Aspidistra and fern).

Little heart

600.00 DHS
Bouquet of red roses and red gerberas, accompanied by a small teddy bear.

Love 4 ever

950.00 DHS 900.00 DHS
A bouquet of red roses to awaken all the most passionate emotions

Love me

550.00 DHS
Pretty bouquet composed of red roses and gypsophila

Loving aroma (depending on the season)

650.00 DHS 550.00 DHS
Mix of aromas and red roses, which will appeal to all valentines to give endless desires to all lovers.

My jewel

900.00 DHS 850.00 DHS
Bouquet of red roses surrounding a white rose.

Only you

700.00 DHS 650.00 DHS
Bouquet of white roses embracing a red rose.