Bouquet of red roses, elegant and sophisticated, for a dare to show your pure and strong love with flowers, so that lovers who respect the tradition of Valentine’s Day will definitely want to choose a bouquet of flowers for their loved one.

Big love

Original price was: 4,350.06 Dhs.Current price is: 3,075.80 Dhs.

Passionate love

Original price was: 3,853.20 Dhs.Current price is: 2,873.00 Dhs.

Je t’aime

Original price was: 3,255.96 Dhs.Current price is: 2,427.69 Dhs.


Original price was: 3,005.50 Dhs.Current price is: 1,977.30 Dhs.

Love 4 ever

Original price was: 2,129.40 Dhs.Current price is: 1,605.50 Dhs.

My jewel

Original price was: 2,129.40 Dhs.Current price is: 1,521.00 Dhs.

You and me

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