There are many occasions to say “thank you”, which is why we are offering you a bouquet of thank-you flowers full of freshness, very decorative.


650.00 DHS
Simple and chic vase with white flowers, which have always aroused admiration

Blanco & rosa

800.00 DHS

Armful of white and pink roses, ideal bouquet to show all your tenderness and affection to a loved one


650.00 DHS 550.00 DHS

These sublime roses and lilies are ideal as a gift idea for a birthday, congratulations, good recovery or simply a thank you


950.00 DHS 900.00 DHS

Round bouquet with warm and sublime colors and which includes gerberas, alstromerias, tokyos and pink and white flowers.


375.00 DHS
Perfect encounter between the powerful feelings of the red rose and the purity of the white lily, composition of 3


900.00 DHS 810.00 DHS
A varied bouquet of yellow, pink, red, and orange roses

Convive dégustation

285.00 DHS
Assortment of 200gr of chocolate in a round cup

Coupe base cuivre

885.00 DHS

Assortment of 400gr of chocolate in a copper-based cup.


750.00 DHS

An angelic and bewitching bouquet to express tenderness and sweetness whatever the occasion.


750.00 DHS

Original and dynamic creation that will appeal to any occasion.