For the most beautiful effect on the long awaited day, choose from our luxurious bouquets the one that will delight the heart of the bride, and will show them your joy.

Chic and timeless

500.00 DHS
Bridal bouquet, composed by beautiful red roses.


600.00 DHS
Elegant and sublime bridal bouquet.


720.00 DHS
Bouquet of intense and vibrant color


960.00 DHS
Pretty bouquet composed of 60 beautiful white roses


550.00 DHS
A simple and refined bridal bouquet made of baby's breath flowers.

Renoncules blanches

550.00 DHS
A bridal bouquet combining simplicity and purity

Sublime Blanc

650.00 DHS

Beautiful bouquet in white roses and creams, ideal for those who love purity and simplicity


690.00 DHS
A harmonious blend of beautiful roses, hydrangea, baby's breath flowers and eucalyptus, offering an original bridal bouquet

The bewitching

650.00 DHS
The red of the roses and the white of the baby's breath flowers express the desire to always be united.

So Beautiful

690.00 DHS
Prestigious floral arrangement in the form of a bridal bouquet.