To celebrate an upcoming union and celebrate this promise as it should be, we offer you a selection of romantic bouquets and surprises to offer between lovers or to send to the happy couple.

Blanco & rosa

800.00 DHS

Armful of white and pink roses, ideal bouquet to show all your tenderness and affection to a loved one

Je t’aime

650.00 DHS

I love you, for a nice message of love, a magnificent composition that could convey your most passionate emotions. They include red roses in the shape of a heart beautifully surrounded by a white ribbon, all in a small basket with garnish.

Lady in red

350.00 DHS
A vase with an armful of 6 beautiful red roses with large buds and leaves (Aspidistra and fern).

Love 4 ever

950.00 DHS 900.00 DHS
A bouquet of red roses to awaken all the most passionate emotions

My jewel

900.00 DHS 850.00 DHS
Bouquet of red roses surrounding a white rose.

Passionate love

1,050.00 DHS
A large bouquet that expresses love passion, composed by red roses carefully arranged in a vase accompanied by beautiful hydrangeas (depending on availability).

Tutti Frutti

720.00 DHS
A feast for the eyes and a guaranteed surprise effect for this sublime bouquet.

You and me

900.00 DHS 750.00 DHS

A refined composition of red and pink roses in the shape of a heart.


470.00 DHS
A loving vase for a beautiful and sweet person.


950.00 DHS 880.00 DHS
An armful of red roses in a glass vase, perfect for declaring your love!