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The bewitching

500.00 د.م.
The red of the roses and the white of the baby's breath flowers express the desire to always be united.


550.00 د.م.
A harmonious blend of beautiful roses, hydrangea, baby's breath flowers and eucalyptus, offering an original bridal bouquet

Tutti Frutti

720.00 د.م.
A feast for the eyes and a guaranteed surprise effect for this sublime bouquet.

White buttercups

550.00 د.م.
A bridal bouquet combining simplicity and purity

White lilies

780.00 د.م.
Beautiful white lilies, pure and smelling so good! An ideal gift for a wedding, a party or a birthday for example.

You & me

900.00 د.م. 750.00 د.م.
A refined composition of red and pink roses in the shape of a heart.


720.00 د.م.
Let yourself be seduced by the warm colors of this round bouquet, which includes gerberas, alstromerias, tokyos and orange and red flowers.


660.00 د.م.
A generous bouquet with a soft color, composed by several types of flowers and roses.

Yellow lilies

650.00 د.م.
Bouquet of pink lilies for expressing both friendship and enthusiasm


470.00 د.م.
A loving vase for a beautiful and sweet person.

To you only

180.00 د.م.
A love at first sight can be offered each year to a privileged person to prove that your love is


470.00 د.م.
12 roses in red to express love