Ballotin 250gr

225.00 د.م.
This box contains 21 assorted chocolates from a selection of the best recipes.

Chocolate shoe

300.00 د.م.
The classic for end of year celebrations.

Copper base cutter

885.00 د.م.
Assortment of 400gr of chocolate in a copper-based cup.

Friendly tasting

285.00 د.م.

Fruit paste

80.00 د.م.
A fruity treat, the succulent artisanal fruit paste. 200gr

Handmade chocolate

160.00 د.م.
200gr of artisanal chocolate with different flavors and fillings

Handmade chocolate

350.00 د.م.
500gr of artisanal chocolate with different flavors and fillings


80.00 د.م.
The cute peach, the essential for all occasions, with pure chocolate ganache. 200gr


90.00 د.م.
The all-time treat, according to your choice, with almonds only or with a mixture of pistachio hazelnut almonds. 200gr

Tealight vase

225.00 د.م.
Assortment of 150gr of chocolate in a frosted glass tealight vase.


105.00 د.م.
The Christmas classic, 200gr of artisanal truffles in 3 chocolates, white coconut, praline milk, and dark cocoa